Sky preparing for the rise of 4K Ultra HD


John Cassey (right) with Formula 1’s Anthony Davidson

Sky already filming in 4K Ultra HD

Sky – the entertainment channel available in the United Kingdom and Ireland – is actively preparing for Ultra HD. In fact, they’re already filming several titles in Ultra HD.

John Cassy, head of Sky 3D said, “From our point of view Sky always has been, and we hope always will be, at the front of TV innovation in the UK.”

Cassy added, “If you look at what drives TV development it’s better picture and better sound, so we went from silent and black and white, to sound and black and white, to colour, to digital to HD and now 3D and so there will be future technologies. We have a watching brief on ultra hd and 4K.”

He added that several key shows from Sky are being filmed in higher resolution, specifically Galapagos 3D and The Penguin Kind. “Actually what we have been doing, the Attenborough shows have all be filmed in 4K and in some cases 5K so they have been captured and future-proofed in a sense, as far as we can. But we’re playing around with it.”

– via TechRadar

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