NHK transmits Ultra HD 8K video over-the-air

Japanese broadcaster, NHK, was able to successfully transmit a compressed Ultra HD signal (7,680px x 4,320px) over two regular UHF channels, a new technological feat. NHK said that the transmission occurred over a distance of 4.2km (~2.6 miles) from the roof of their Science and Technology Research Laboratory in Tokyo to a remote location. The transmission used multiple channels, a method that NHK refers to as MIMO — similar to IEEE 802.11n, LTE, and HSPA+. LDPC coding was also used for error correction. In February the company announced that it had engineered an 8K sensor that can shoot at 120fps. In April, it showed off a 145-inch Ultra HD 8K display produced in collaboration with Panasonic. NHK’s Science and Research laboratories will be showing the technology at work between May 24th and 27th.

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Andrew Michael is a physician and Ultra HDTV Magazine's editor-in-chief. As obsessed as he is with finding the perfect combination of technology and medicine, in his spare time he enjoys exploring the globe in search of the ultimate pair of flip-flops.
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