DivX Labs Releases HEVC Decoder

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DivX Labs has released their HEVC decoder for use by their DivX Player along with some sample HEVC content in 1080p. Here’s what they say about the release:

The DivX HEVC Decoder release marks an important step on the path to delivering comprehensive HEVC video support to the DivX Community. Following the release of the DivX HEVC video profiles and our DivX HEVC Muxer, we’re proud to release the HEVC Plugin for DivX Player 9.1.2. Now you can playback the DivX HEVC streams (up to 1080p) with AAC audio you muxed into MKV.

Note that this release is for Windows only and supports real-time playback up to 1080p on a relatively recent PC. We support the features for the HM-10.0 reference encoder’s random access main configuration, including Asymmetric Motion Partitions, Transform Skip, and Sample Adaptive Offset. We will add Mac support, seeking capability, as well as improved speed and performance enhancements in future releases, so stay tuned.

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 Source: DivX Labs

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