Ultra HD Content Catalogue

Working closely with filmmakers, we've created a catalogue featuring the finest Ultra HD films available for commercial / broadcast licensing. Once you have informed us of your choice, we will begin processing your licensing request.

Ultra High Definition source footage is stored in very large files, often exceeding 10 Gigabytes. For this reason, shipping footage on a hard drive is often the fastest method of delivery. Alternatively, if your internet bandwidth is sufficient, a digital download delivery can be arranged.

For further information about Ultra HD Content, please email us at [email protected]

Ultra HD Content Catalogue

The Wildlife Man

The Wildlife Man (David Ireland) is arguably one of the most experienced wildlife film producers / presenters in the world, his Wildlife Man films have gained world-wide exposure on the major networks including Discovery HD Channel.

Fitness – California Style

Hosted by Ian Lauer, “Fitness, California Style” features the ultimate in warm ups and workouts, healthy eating and lifestyle, and all of the other things that Californians use to get and keep fit.