AU Optronics producing Ultra HD TV panels with a 65% yield

AU Optronics Ultra HD Lab

Ultra HD manufacturing is picking up speed

According to industry sources, AU Optronics (AUO) — one of the world’s leading providers of optoelectronic solutions — is reaching production yields between 60-65% for its 4K Ultra HD TV display panels. Production is increasing due to increased demand in the marketplace, and has become an opportunity for AUO to recover its debt.

Paul Peng, president of AUO, has reportedly said that his company is making deals with a number of TV manufacturers around the world, with the first large scale distribution starting at the end of the first quarter in 2013. Peng says that interest in their Ultra HD panels is expected to grow throughout the year.

Peng also mentioned that AUO’s Ultra HD displays will cost twice the amount of a Full HD panel, a cost which they intend to lower over time. According to analyst estimates, roughly five million TV’s over the size of 50-inches are expected to ship in 2013, with Ultra HDTV’s accounting for 5% of that number. Ten million homes are expected to have Ultra HD TVs by 2016.

Via DigiTimes

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