EXCLUSIVE: Olympic Gold Medalist and Wrestling Superstar Kurt Angle to Star in 4K Ultra HD TV Series, “Emergency:LA”

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Sgt. Gabe Mandell LAPD - Kurt Angle

Sgt. Gabe Mandell LAPD – Kurt Angle

The name Kurt Angle is synonymous with professional wrestling and more recently, MMA — but the Olympic gold medalist has also been building up a very healthy resume of acting roles, which has led to his selection for the leading role in the new Hollywood TV Drama “Emergency:LA” (IMDB). Kurt has been cast as Sgt. Gabe Mandell of LAPD Downtown, and the series follows the day-to-day adventures of his department, “Station 77” of LA City Fire Department, and “Trauma One” Emergency Medical Center.

While Kurt is busy “Protecting the City of Angels” (the tagline for the series), he is joined on the front lines by Robert Peters of Oceans Eleven fame (Capt. Ron Bartlett), Richard Hench (Doctor Pierce Thatcher), Katarina Leigh Waters (Officer Dana Lewis), Ray Trickitt (Doctor Ray Newman),  Alana Webster (Senior Nurse Diana Bennett), A J Ruiz (Paramedic Tony DeCarlo) and Greta Garland (Paramedic Stacey Brook) and many more talented cast. They portray the heroes that serve and protect, putting everything on the line to make the public safe.

Series Creator and Writer Len Davies

Series Creator and Writer Len Davies

The show is the creation of Len Davies, our Hollywood Executive producer here at Ultra HD Productionsand is in pre-production with the pilot episode, the first of a 13 part series. Discussions are under way with several broadcasters for final distribution of the series. I spoke to Davies about his plans to make the most of the 4K Ultra HD technology. Davies explained, “I film everything in 4K, especially due to the progression of online channels, which are starting to broadcast in 4K Ultra HD this year. This project would suffer if it wasn’t filmed to the best possible format.”

When asked about the type of 4K equipment he will be using he said, “I will be using two RED cameras for the majority of the shots, but I have to make certain decisions about the action camera in the vehicle chases. We’ve been waiting for the Black Magic so long that it’s almost been superseded by several other companies who have a 4K capable camera on the market. I won’t be using the Go Pros at this time no matter how tempting it is as they only run at 12 frames a second, and when you boost the footage up it’s not much better than HD. Hopefully that will change by the time we roll camera on the pilot in March — the 4K market does tend to change daily so that’s a distinct possibility.”

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Aerial photography will play a large part in the series providing stunning 4K shots of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The only issue Davies has hit at the moment is that the gyrostabilized mounts on the helicopters he’s chosen are not equipped for RED at this time, although he is hoping that will change. They will however take the Alexa Camera so 4K shots are still an option much to Len’s relief.

“Ever since I created the concept for the show it’s gained a life of its own. We’ve pinned down several locations on studio backlots in Hollywood where we’ll stage the main disasters for the pilot, and I must admit that the prospect of filming fires, car crashes and explosions does bring out the kid in me.”

“Emergency:LA” has Grammy Nominated composer Ugis Praulins handling the score, with some incidental tracks being provided by Meldra and Pauly Greenwood and other guest musicians.

Protecting the City of Angels is a very big job, and with Kurt Angle leading the charge in 4K glory, you can guarantee that this will be a series to, by contradiction, set the world on fire.

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