Sony Launches 8 Million Flower Petals from a Volcano to Promote its 4K TV’s

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Sony Flower Commercial 4K TV
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Sony just launched their newest 4K TV commercial, showing off the incredible detail packed in their 4K Ultra HDTV’s. The commercial features 8 million flower petals being blasted from a volcano in Costa Rica. The brilliant colors of red, yellow, purple, and pink float across the village in slow motion. The 8 million petals represent the 8 million pixels featured in the Ultra HDTV — four times that of Full HD (1080p).

Sony’s ambitious creative team did not use computer graphics to create the mesmerizing scenes, instead they blasted actual petals from air cannons. We’ve included both the commercial and behind-the-scenes footage below. Does this commercial make you want to go out and buy a 4K TV? Let us know in the comments!

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