Sharp Unveils THX-Certified 70-inch Ultra HDTV for $8,000

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Sharp Ultra HDTV
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Sharp Ultra HDTV

Sharp has officially entered the Ultra HDTV arena, by introducing the world’s first 70-inch THX-Certified 3840 x 2160 resolution Ultra HDTV for just $8,000 (What is Ultra HDTV?). While this may sound expensive, it’s a fraction of the cost of Samsung’s $40,000 85-inch Ultra HDTV and Sony’s $25,000 84-inch Ultra HDTV. Seiki continues to hold the title for cheapest Ultra HDTV, with their new 39-inch set at $699. Sharp says the new AQUOS Ultra HDTV will be available in mid-August.

“Sharp has a rich history of leading the electronics industry in innovation. Today we continue that tradition with the introduction of the AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV,” said John Herrington, President, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America. “With four times the pixel resolution of HD, the 70 inch class AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV is our finest television ever.”

Sharp recognizes the lack of Ultra HD content, which is why they’ve focused significant effort in their up-scaling algorithms, allowing viewers to watch current generation Full HD (1080p) in beautiful THX-Certified “4K-like” quality.

First, a dual-core processor fine-tunes the original signal for optimal picture quality. Next, the upscaler analyzes and interpolates the content to create a 4K (3840×2160) image. As a result, the AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV produces a higher quality image that makes anything you watch more crisp, more detailed, more stunning. Movies, TV shows, video games, even YouTube videos are analyzed and digitally enriched, unlocking scores of hidden details.


Sharp has become the first manufacturer to release a THX-Certified Ultra HDTV. What does this mean? Put simply, it means it passed hundreds of tests to meet the quality guidelines set by Hollywood bigshots. Here’s what Sharp says:

To make it the best of the best, picture quality experts at Sharp and THX put the AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV through four hundred rigorous performance tests; the AQUOS Ultra HD passed them all to achieve the industry’s highest performance levels. All of this means that the Sharp AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV is the world’s only TV with THX 4K certification. It’s certified amazing.

Created by experts in Hollywood, the coveted THX 4K certification sets the industry standard for image quality and consistency. THX 4K Certified displays contain pre-calibrated THX Movie viewing modes designed to deliver the picture quality of professional post production studios. THX also evaluates HD to 4K upconverting technology to ensure that the Ultra HD image  maintains accuracy true to the original HD source, so you experience content the way it was intended. It’s image clarity never before seen in a 4K (3840×2160) display.

Bonus Features

Sharp doesn’t stop there, they include Wallpaper mode, which turns the TV into a 70-inch digital picture frame when you “turn off” the set. The set also includes built-in WiFi with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Vudu, and Pandora. Other apps include Skype, Facebook, and a Flash-enabled web browser.

Also included are four HDMI ports which Sharp says supports native 4K resolution, 2 USB ports, an SD card reader, and 2 Bluetooth 3D glasses.

If this is anything like the Sharp 4K Ultra HDTV we saw at CES 2013 in January, I can tell you confidently, we’re in for a real treat. Pictures posted below.

Source: Sharp


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